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Security Assessments

Comprehensive Security Analysis Tailored To Your Needs.

Customized & Flexible Security Assessments

We help fast growing companies improve their security posture with a wide range of expert security assessments that are transparent and flexible. 

Our efficient PtaaS platform delivers real-time insights, swift results, high collaboration, thorough evaluation of your web, mobile, API, network, and cloud assets - providing full coverage while staying flexible.


Vulnerability Assessment

It pinpoints & measures security vulnerabilities across networks, systems, applications, offering insights into potential threats. 

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing, often known as "ethical hacking," is a simulated cyber attack on your system to evaluate its security.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment is a strategic process that evaluates potential threats and vulnerabilities relevant to your business operations.

Making Assessments Hassle Free

With our Pentest-as-a-Service (PtaaS) platform, you have real-time insights directly to your security dashboard. We deliver actionable reports as tickets, enabling immediate remediation by developers and compliance officers.

Still Unsure?

Looking for a tailored solution? Contact us for customized security assessments.

Vulnerability Assessmnt

Vulnerability Assessment

Conduct comprehensive vulnerability scans across internal, external, and cloud environments. Benefit from our continuous vulnerability management that ensures you're always a step ahead. With us, you get clarity over clutter; our reports filter out the noise, delivering only clear, actionable insights.

Vulnerability Assessment Dashboard
Penetration Testing
Penetration Testing Dashboard

Penetration Testing

Experience authentic cyber attack simulations to uncover potential threats, backed by our team's diverse expertise spanning Web, Mobile, APIs, and IoT. Our Pentest-as-a-Service offers a collaborative dashboard for real-time insights. Receive detailed reports with clear mitigation strategies, and count on our continuous support beyond the assessment.


Risk Assessmen 2
Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Utilizing the NIST framework, we offer a meticulous threat assessment aligned with top industry standards. Our approach prioritizes risks, to tackle the most pressing vulnerabilities first. Benefit from our 5-Point Maturity Model for clear security enhancement steps, executive-friendly reports emphasizing key risks, and our commitment to secure your future, beyond identifying its challenges.

Risk Assessment Dashboard

Pentest-as-a-Service (PtaaS) Platform

Integrate pentests effortlessly with our cloud-based PtaaS platform. It offers an all-in-one dashboard for projects, findings, and reports, eliminating email clutter and streamlining processes. Stay compliant with our rigorous, industry-standard pentests conducted by top experts. Receive detailed reports with actionable insights, metrics, and compliance mapping.

Pentest-as-a-service platform

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Credits earned by the Founder & BUZZ

Mahendra Pratap

CEO, Asti Solutions

"BUZZ swiftly identified key vulnerabilities in our security, implementing access control and architectural changes.Their hands-on approach made them an extension of our team, not just a vendor, enhancing our overall success."

Manish Talwar

CEO, Goalstox

"Our partnership with BUZZ for a penetration test was impressive. Their speed, thoroughness, and professionalism identified critical vulnerabilities, making them a top recommendation for comprehensive security assessments."

Anirban Mukherji

CEO, miniOrange

"As miniOrange's technical co-founder, Sushma crafted a scalable, secure, and sustainable technical architecture for the initial IDP product, often burning the midnight oil. Her hands-on demos, even under tight timelines, consistently delighted our customers."

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