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SOC 2 Compliance Services

Demonstrate a robust level of customer data security through stringent SOC 2 compliance standards.

SOC 2 Compliance with BUZZ

Ensure SOC 2 compliance effortlessly with BUZZ.


Specializing in key areas like security and confidentiality, we guide you through each step, offering customized solutions for streamlined compliance and enhanced data security.

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SOC-2 Compliance Services

Discover our SOC-2 Compliance Services at BUZZ, tailored to reinforce trust in your data management. Specializing in the key areas of security, privacy, and integrity, our team is committed to delivering thorough, SOC-2 focused compliance solutions through our dedicated service platform. Our services encompass every aspect of the SOC-2 compliance checklist.

SOC-2 Gap Analysis

SOC-2 Compliance Gap Analysis

Identify areas lacking in SOC-2 compliance.

  • Comprehensive scanning of internal infrastructure

  • Full network access for in-depth analysis

  • Identifies internal security gaps

  • Essential for safeguarding sensitive internal data

SOC-2 System and Controls Review

System and Controls Review

Strengthen systems to meet SOC-2 compliance

  • Evaluation of IT Infrastructure

  • Control Mechanisms Efficiency Analysis

  • Data Processing Integrity Checks

  • Policies and Procedures Alignment with SOC-2

SOC-2 Policy Development and Training

SOC-2 Policy Development and Training

Establish comprehensive SOC-2 framework and staff training

  • Development of SOC-2 Specific Policies

  • Comprehensive Staff Training Programs

  • Continuous Policy Updates and Management

  • Employee Engagement in SOC-2 Compliance

SOC-2 Incident Response and Management

SOC-2 Incident Response and Management

Develop robust response plans for SOC-2 related incidents.

  • Incident Detection and Response Planning

  • Regular Incident Management Drills

  • SOC-2 Compliant Incident Report

  • Continuous Incident Response Improvement


SOC-2 Compliance Monitoring and Auditing

Continuous oversight and improvement of SOC-2 compliance.

  • Regular Compliance Audits

  • Continuous Monitoring Systems Implementation

  • SOC 2 Report

  • Ongoing Compliance Improvement Strategies

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Tailored SOC-2 Compliance Service

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SOC-2 Assessment Methodology

At BUZZ, we apply precise tools and tailored strategies for SOC-2 compliance, suited to your specific business requirements.


Choose from a detailed one-time evaluation or ongoing integration for continuous SOC-2 adherence, ensuring your business is consistently aligned with SOC-2 standards. Our services cover all SOC-2 compliance requirements.

1. SOC-2 Readiness Assessment

Comprehensive evaluation of current practices

  • Initial Gap Analysis for SOC-2 Criteria

  • Review of IT Infrastructure and Policies

  • Risk Identification and Assessment

  • Recommendations for SOC-2 Compliance

2. Custom Control Implementation

Tailored controls for each SOC-2 trust principle.

  • Development of Specific Security Controls

  • Integration of Custom Controls into Existing Systems

  • Testing and Validation of Controls

  • Documentation and Evidence Gathering

3. Employee Training and Culture Building

Embedding SOC-2 compliance into company culture.

  • Development of SOC-2 Training Modules

  • Regular Employee Compliance Training Sessions

  • Building a Compliance-First Mindset

  • Ongoing Support and Resources for Staff

4. Continuous Compliance Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring for sustained SOC-2 adherence.

  • Implementation of Monitoring Tools and Systems

  • Regular Compliance Audits and Reviews

  • Adaptation to Changes in SOC-2 Standards

  • Regular SOC 2 reporting

SOC-2 Custom Controls
SOC-2 Policy Development and Training
SOC-2 Readiness Assessment


At BUZZ, our experts will recommend the optimal Compliance assessment type and approach.

Why Choose BUZZ for SOC-2 Compliance Services?

BUZZ, with its advanced technology and tailored strategies, excels in SOC-2 compliance services, ensuring your data management meets stringent trust and security standards effectively.

Specialized SOC-2 Technological Expertise

01/ Advanced, SOC-2 specific assessment and monitoring tools

02/ Customized SOC-2 solutions for diverse IT environments

03/ Pioneering technologies for effective compliance management

04/ Quick adaptation to evolving SOC-2 compliance requirements and standards

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certified team

Deep Understanding and Customized Engagement

01/ Team's deep expertise in SOC-2 and cybersecurity

02/ Strategies tailored to meet unique organizational challenges

03/ A strong record of delivering successful SOC-2 projects

04/ Focused on meeting the unique needs of each client, ensuring effective and personalized SOC-2 compliance journeys and SOC 2 report

Trusted by companies of all sizes

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Asti Infotech Client
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Why is SOC-2 Compliance Important for an Organization?

SOC-2 compliance is key in managing and protecting sensitive information, essential in today's data-driven landscape.


Data Security Enhancement ensures robust protection against breaches and unauthorized data access


Building Customer Trust is achieved by demonstrating a strong commitment to secure data management


Meeting Regulatory Expectations becomes attainable, aligning with data security standards and avoiding legal repercussions 


Risk Management Optimization aids in identifying and addressing potential data handling risks efficiently


Boost in the market is a result of being recognized as a secure and reliable data handler

Industries We Serve

Tailoring penetration testing solutions to meet the unique security needs of diverse industries.

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

  • What is Penetration Testing?
    Penetration Testing, often referred to as 'pentesting', is a simulated cyber attack against your computer system to check for exploitable vulnerabilities. It's a crucial part of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.
  • Why is Penetration Testing Important for My Business?
    Penetration Testing helps identify and fix security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by attackers. It's essential for protecting sensitive data, maintaining customer trust, and complying with regulatory standards.
  • How Often Should Penetration Testing Be Conducted?
    The frequency of penetration testing can vary depending on several factors, including changes in network infrastructure, compliance requirements, or after significant upgrades to your systems. Generally, it's recommended to conduct penetration testing annually or bi-annually.
  • What's the Difference Between Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing?
    Vulnerability scanning is an automated process to identify potential vulnerabilities, while penetration testing is a more comprehensive approach that involves exploiting these vulnerabilities to understand their impact.
  • Can Penetration Testing Disrupt My Business Operations?
    Penetration testing is typically conducted in a controlled environment to minimize disruption. However, it's important to discuss and plan the testing process with your service provider to ensure business continuity.
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Credits earned by the Founder & BUZZ

Mahendra Pratap

CEO, Asti Solutions

"BUZZ swiftly identified key vulnerabilities in our security, implementing access control and architectural changes.Their hands-on approach made them an extension of our team, not just a vendor, enhancing our overall success."

Manish Talwar

CEO, Goalstox

"Our partnership with BUZZ for a penetration test was impressive. Their speed, thoroughness, and professionalism identified critical vulnerabilities, making them a top recommendation for comprehensive security assessments."

Anirban Mukherji

CEO, miniOrange

"As miniOrange's technical co-founder, Sushma crafted a scalable, secure, and sustainable technical architecture for the initial IDP product, often burning the midnight oil. Her hands-on demos, even under tight timelines, consistently delighted our customers."


PCI-DSS Compliance

PCI-DSS mandates the maintenance of a secure network, protection of cardholder data, effective vulnerability management and the establishment of robust information security policies

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

GDPR prioritizes the protection of individual data rights, mandates timely data breach notifications, and sets stringent regulations for the transfer of personal data outside the EU. 

ISO 27001

ISO-27001 emphasizes the importance of establishing a comprehensive information security management system, conducting regular risk assessments, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.


Explore our comprehensive collection of cybersecurity guides, case studies, and tools to enhance your understanding and strengthen your defenses.

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At BUZZ, our experts will recommend the optimal Compliance Assessment type and approach.

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